Friday, February 26, 2010

It was only a matter of time before he "man-up" the coop.

I nearly had it in the was being ordered, plain and simple, no frills no thrills. but then he clicked on the "accessories" box and it was all over. yes, the beloved is "manning up" the coop. oh there are so many wonderful things to add to it! joy of joys! Linoleum flooring! air conditioning! big screen TV!!! The chickens need these things...they want these things, the wet bar is ESSENTIAL to their well being. Egg production will surely come to a screetching halt if they do not have the wired in stereo will they get their funky chicken on? seriously! they will lay faster if we put an espresso machine in there! if he keeps this up he will be living out there and i'll keep chickens in the house!


  1. WHAT?????
    Where are you getting this coop from?? Hollywood??

  2. i really thought i was going to sneak this project by him and keep it simple, in his defense, the linoleum on the floor could work for easier cleaning i'm thinking.