Monday, January 2, 2012

I will master this.....I will!!!

SOCK KNITTING! difficult is this? I need opinions.

I have a stash and a half a ton of sock idea, I like the calls to me at the yarn shop.

I must do something with it!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012....what shall you bring?

Good Morning to you 2012! So last night we had a splendid time hanging out at home in our pajamas, playing games and eating snackies. I managed to stay awake until 11 and the family thoughtfully woke me up at 11:59 to say "happy new year". As far as resolutions...well I've been thinking very hard about them as this is my big 40 year...and there were so many things I wanted to do but didn't. so here is my list.

1. Be true to myself. it's time I be me for me and not for anyone else. it's time i really didn't give a fat rat's patootie about what people think of me and my life. They don't live it, they do not get the right to judge it.

2. excersize EVERY day. yup..there it is. I'm not saying "loosing 50 lbs" or anything radical like that. I'm talking a 30 min walk or playing Just Dance on the wii...something to get my butt moving. I would like to join a yoga class....however that would depend on #3....which is....

3. be more selective on what I spend my money on. now i'm pretty frugal to begin with. but i'm going to adopt the idea more this year of "using what I got" instead of just replacing what I don't need. I am going to try to cut down on the impulse shopping trip to Target and make lists!

4. Fall back in love with my husband. Oh boy, this is a biggee. There is a reason the divorce rate among couples with special needs children are so ain't easy. it's a strain unlike anything I could have imagined. and somewhere along the way...we just stopped caring so much about each other. bad choices were made, hearts were broken, words were said, wedding rings were put away. I miss being in love, I miss it a lot. I'm not looking to go back to "the way things were" but to start new. I'd like to be proposed to again....but, one step at a time.

ok...enough mushy stuff. and last

5. to do 1-4 successfully.

that's it. Happy New Year!!!