Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Brain was hijacked by Pinterest!!

Where does the time go???

So I finally caved and joined because i couldn't stand
not being part of this "cult of cuteness" another minute.

little did I know, my time would be consumed looking for adorable teapot pictures and funny quotes to post on my boards!

wow! it gets addictive fast!!!

Plus, sorry to say, my camera has finally decided to just give up the fight and it now sitting in the "junk drawer" waiting to get tossed out. I love my little camera and it kills me to have to buy a new one...but with the holidays coming up fast and furious I'm going to want to capture all those precious moments.

like the Halloween post candy pig out meltdown
and the "I'm not eating this" Thanksgiving feast
oh my favorite, the snarling "you woke me up too early" under the Christmas tree teenager glare.

ahhhhhh those memories :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I need a new boy toy to run away with....suggestions?

so back in the know...long before children and other life distractions when you used to be able to stare into each other's eyes across the table and just eat at a lesiurly pace...and the meal did not consist of chicken nuggets..the hubby and I used to play the "people we were allowed to run away with if they came knocking on the front door" celebrity style of course. So over the years I have gone through quite a few "boy toys" and I'm feeling like it's time for a new one. My past men have been

Mr. Connery....mmmmm James Bond!

Mr. Crowe...Gladiator costume included.

Hugh Jackman...with or without the Wolverine blades.

So the verdict it out...I'm just not sure who to pick...nobody young..I am not into that vampire pale sparkly thing, and they cannot consider the 80's ancient times....I'm open to suggestion!

Oh and the husband has stood by his gal Nicole Kidman..although he does like her better with the red hair than blonde. I'm not too worried about her knocking on the front door. :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Because you just never be greatful for what you have.

Last week, my friend Jen brought her daughter in for follow up appointment with the doctor for possible Lyme disease, the doctor suggested an MRI, a large tumor was found in the right frontal portion of her brain, the next 24 hours were a blur as she was rushed in for a biopsy, and then the wait.

She is 9 years old, has a twin sister, is a dancer, cheerleader and has a silly sense of humor...and she has brain cancer.

I have had the privilege of knowing her family and also working with her and her sister in school. I can't put myself in their shoes, I have no words to express my feelings without crying, I can only be on standby (along with a fabulous group of other families) in case they need anything.

Her name is Zoe. She asks that we all remain opZOmistic about her getting well. I'm asking all my bloggy friends to pray for this little kiddo, I'll be knitting chemo caps for the darling this next week, and thinking of her and being opZOmistic.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

And now....a word from Hyacinth the cat


(what did you all expect, she is a cat!)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family Fun Day!

This weekend we went to visit Davis' Farmland in Sterling, MA!
It was a perfect day weather wise, and the kids even put up with
my insisting they pose with Moo Moo the cow.

This Cow made us laugh...check out that slobber

The kids all fell in love with the baby goats

Ok, so did I...I think it needs to come home with us.

This sheep was very fond of my son who is autistic, hmmm I wonder if instead of a companion dog we could get a companion sheep?

such a fun day...and of course they had the most fabulous ice cream too, I had the Moo Moo Caramel....mmmmmm