Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Brain was hijacked by Pinterest!!

Where does the time go???

So I finally caved and joined because i couldn't stand
not being part of this "cult of cuteness" another minute.

little did I know, my time would be consumed looking for adorable teapot pictures and funny quotes to post on my boards!

wow! it gets addictive fast!!!

Plus, sorry to say, my camera has finally decided to just give up the fight and it now sitting in the "junk drawer" waiting to get tossed out. I love my little camera and it kills me to have to buy a new one...but with the holidays coming up fast and furious I'm going to want to capture all those precious moments.

like the Halloween post candy pig out meltdown
and the "I'm not eating this" Thanksgiving feast
oh my favorite, the snarling "you woke me up too early" under the Christmas tree teenager glare.

ahhhhhh those memories :)


  1. ummm where is your 'follow me on pinterst' badge on your blog??

  2. I didn't know one existed! Horror!!! I'll try to get one up today :) it is pretty fun...but really time consuming!