Sunday, January 31, 2010

Taking Home the Gold

First dance competition done for the year! The team did great and brought home a combination of Hi Gold and Platuinum awards. Plus a slew of specialty awards for excellence! So proud! Got a serious case of numb bumb sitting there for 6 hours watching dance after dance after dance and screaming mom's everywhere. I tried getting some knitting done but the music was way to distracting and when i took a look at a started dishcloth i was wondering what drunk person tried knitting that! Today it's all about being domestic, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and cooking a nice meal for the family. Not sure what i'm cooking, i'm hoping to be inspired as i wander the store! Another cold one here, getting quite sick of this cold stuff. Our cat Teddy has gone bananas from being inside these last few days...i think he has cabin fever, he just races from one end of the house to the other for no apparnt reason. Hyacinth (our other cat) just watches him with complete disdain. the look on her face definatly says "idiot" she would much prefer to just nap the day away and only rise for the occasional snack or so. Can't blame her..she is such a diva cat. We joke constantly about her large size.....i defend her of course saying it's her fur, makes her look foofy and big however she really needs to call Jenny Craig...but i'm not telling her :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

too cold....toooooooo cold!!

It's a brisk 10 degrees here this afternoon...with the windchill it's below freezing, and on that note i have made the executive decision that the boys and i will NOT be vernturing to the barn this evening to ride horses. Oh we are wimping out big time, staying home, jammies and pancakes for dinner (well for them) it's just tooooooo cold! If i had been a better planner i would have made sure we had a movie to watch tonight...but i got called into sub and so the sound of Cha-ching ran rough shot over the need to stay home and grocery shop/rent a movie. oh well. maybe the kids will all be exhausted and just want to go to bed early. ha ha ha silly me. However i know one kid in Maine who has been burning the candles at both end all day (fueled by large amounts of coffee) and will probably be snoring on the couch by know who you are crazy sheep lady! xxoo.

getting our stuff organized to be out the door for competition tomorrow. just heard from Big Mimi that she is flying up from Florida for the recital in May...she will of course be holding court at my house, wonder what she will volunteer me for this year...cookout? that's the usual.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Enough of Winter!

I know it's silly to be sick of winter with it only going in to February in a few days. Really i know here in New England we could go into April with cold weather but i'm just in such a rush to get it over and done with this year. I need warm and sun and i miss playing in the dirt. i think because i am more organized this year with the gardens and they were somewhat neglected last year with all the stupid rain we got...thus drowning most of the crop! i have a cabinet full of empty canning jars just waiting to be filled with goodness.

Dance competition season has begun for baby diva. this weekend is our first and she is all nervous. her dances look awesome and i have a good feeling about this season, i think her team will do well. i'll be wrestling her hair into a bun so slick and tight her eyes will water and trying to get on her false eyelashes without blinding her, i am not exactly the girliest of girls so this is still all very challanging for me...oh yes and doing this while keeping an eye on the boys. Last night the 9 year old dropped the "F" bomb for all the world to hear...he soon discovered that liquid soap tastes gross. i think he will be watching what he says from now on....told me he heard it on the playground **sigh** what's a mom to do? Time to load up on coffee, i'm working today (the life of a substitute teacher is a weird one) and will be heading into an afternoon kindergarten class where i will no doubt come out of covered in boogers and snack time remnents.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wacky Wednesday!

it's official..i've gone flying off the deep end! 2 days of decent temperatures and i'm ready to tear the house apart and clean, bleach, dust and wash windows...luckily i came to my senses before i even started and sat my behind on the couch to watch my newest guilty pleasure "true blood" on dvd. now while it's true i do not watch much tv and usually it is HGTV or the food channel when i do (ok and Thomas the tank engine and max and ruby of course) but every now and then something just catches my eye and i get into watching.

it's barrel day here on the hill. the big recycle barrel gets rolled out to the end of the driveway by Gavin (it's his job/obsession) and of course it also means i'm not cooking tonight. yup, it's our once a week take out night. we have managed to avoid the temptation of multiple take outs a week for the following reasons A: too damn expensive! B: we like the size we are need to be bigger C: too damn expensive! ha ha ha!

Just sent the teen and preteen off to school...large cup of coffee in one hand and making my way over to get the younger two motivated to get dressed for school. Another Wacky Wedneday here on Da Hill.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another typical Tuesday

Here it is Tuesday and of course my house is all in an uproar...teenager woke up late and i made the horrid mistake of questioning her outfit (ok her ugg boots just were not going with the flannel jammy bottoms tucked in...she looked like a ragamuffin) and nearly got my head ripped off. it rained like crazy yesterday and all the lovely snow has melted off our yard leaving 6 gazillion branches and sticks littering my yard, i would go out there and pick them up but fear getting sucked into the mud and being left out there all day stranded with the cats just staring at me through the slider door. They are useless, they would so throw me under the bus given the chance.

We talk of chickens these days...for eggs only....the planning of the veggie garden is well underway and my Mantis rotatiller is just begging to be taken out and fired up! ***Sigh*** soon enough. New England Winters are long and dreary to be sure.