Friday, January 29, 2010

too cold....toooooooo cold!!

It's a brisk 10 degrees here this afternoon...with the windchill it's below freezing, and on that note i have made the executive decision that the boys and i will NOT be vernturing to the barn this evening to ride horses. Oh we are wimping out big time, staying home, jammies and pancakes for dinner (well for them) it's just tooooooo cold! If i had been a better planner i would have made sure we had a movie to watch tonight...but i got called into sub and so the sound of Cha-ching ran rough shot over the need to stay home and grocery shop/rent a movie. oh well. maybe the kids will all be exhausted and just want to go to bed early. ha ha ha silly me. However i know one kid in Maine who has been burning the candles at both end all day (fueled by large amounts of coffee) and will probably be snoring on the couch by know who you are crazy sheep lady! xxoo.

getting our stuff organized to be out the door for competition tomorrow. just heard from Big Mimi that she is flying up from Florida for the recital in May...she will of course be holding court at my house, wonder what she will volunteer me for this year...cookout? that's the usual.

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