Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another typical Tuesday

Here it is Tuesday and of course my house is all in an uproar...teenager woke up late and i made the horrid mistake of questioning her outfit (ok her ugg boots just were not going with the flannel jammy bottoms tucked in...she looked like a ragamuffin) and nearly got my head ripped off. it rained like crazy yesterday and all the lovely snow has melted off our yard leaving 6 gazillion branches and sticks littering my yard, i would go out there and pick them up but fear getting sucked into the mud and being left out there all day stranded with the cats just staring at me through the slider door. They are useless, they would so throw me under the bus given the chance.

We talk of chickens these days...for eggs only....the planning of the veggie garden is well underway and my Mantis rotatiller is just begging to be taken out and fired up! ***Sigh*** soon enough. New England Winters are long and dreary to be sure.

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