Saturday, April 30, 2011

I watched the royal wedding, I laughed, I cried, I ooh and I ahhhhhed...and then I asked myself....

who told these two this look would work?
I'm a little scared as it looks like
she has a spider on her head, and I'm scared of spiders.

The wedding was beautiful to watch.
I wished I was a princess :(

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Well Hello Sunshine!

I really feel that during school vacation it should NOT be allowed to rain...especially when you have a multitude of children like I do :)

So here we are on Thursday of a very long week off. Gavin is improving health wise and is heading to a fun day of "respite camp" so the other kiddos and i can go and play some mini golf and grab some lunch.

Our "mystery chicks" are getting bigger by the minute. We still have absolutly no idea what kind of chickens they are going to grow up to be but we have figured out they are two different breeds of chickens...interesting huh!

Yet MORE dance rehersals tonight...I swear you would think we were going to be performing on Broadway at this point. our big So You Think You Can Dance New England competition is coming up fast...the girls had to learn a whole new dance for the opening of the show last night and tonight. Not easy! Did I tell you one of the judges is Mary Murphy from the TV show? You would think that would be exciting to a young girl. But Emily is far far far more excited at the local celebrity judge...yes, our very own drag queen, Miss Kitty Litter will be one of the judges. I think Emily is going to tackle her to the ground to get a picture with her. Yup, she is my kid.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Frazzled Mom Alert

I'm burning the candles at both ends so to speak these days! Ok, phew, first...we have 2 new chicks living in our laundry room...the local preschool hatched eggs in one of their classrooms and needed to find homes for them...ring a ding ding went my phone one day and I totally caved into their pleads and begging...hence the new chicks. no idea what kind, if they are hens or not or really how old they are....mystery chicks that have been named Sweet and in sweet and sour kids are a little weird.'s baseball season, and yes I only have 2 playing this year rather than the usual 3 but it doesn't seem to have cut the chaos much. Oh then there is the garden that really needs to be turned over and the potatoes that need to be planted, and the house is getting grimier by the minute. Gavin is super sick, ear infection and sinus he is just a miserable booger head wiping his gooby nose all over everyone. Dance has NOT slowed down..matter of fact my daughter's dance team has made it to the finals for So You Think You Can Dance, New England. this has added more practices and of course more $$$. The teenage boy is off to New Jersey in 2 weeks for a concert band competition and then I have to truck the Boy Scout around to his various duties. did I mention it's school vacation week and I still have to figure in an orthodontist appointment and 2 chiropracter visits??? i'm a little dizzy at the thought of getting this all done and everyone to their right places....I think I need to be cloned.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh Hello Sunshine!

Look!!! I started my tomatos!! Yellow Tumbing Toms and "Burger" tomatoes!! They sit in a nice sunny spot in my dining room just soaking up the rays .

The hens have been outside free ranging more and more each day..check out that egg on the left, tell me that didn't hurt! and the funny part is that my smallest hen layed it!

Of course with all the wonderful sunny warm weather comes the dreaded pollen allergies, my eyes are all watery and i have a sore, tickle in my throat. but still, i will be fine, it's worth digging my flip flops out of the closet and painting my toes bright pink!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Autism....well, it just sucks some days.

When your handed the diagnosis of Autism,

I do believe that directions to the nearest

liquor store should be included in your "welcome to the club" package.

It's not uncommon to hear the following at any given moment in my house:

"Oh Gavin"


"Gavin, where are your clothes?"

"first_____ then _____"

"Get out of Cody's room"

"no, those are Cody's Legos"

"why is it so quiet in the playroom?"

"I am listening Emily, you just have to learn to talk and follow me at the same time"

"for the love of all things holy do NOT get him wound up!!!"

It's Autism Awareness Month.

So when people stare at my lovey dovey

having the inevitable meltdown in public

do I get to scream


'cause man there are times I'd like to!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tilda Egg-cellent Easter Swap Arrived!

A fabulous box of goodies arrived from Maria in Australia on Saturday!

OOOOHHH AAAAAAHHHH!!!! YIPPPEEEE!! This is Missy, she is super soft and oh so adorable! Gavin tried to claim it as his own but I quickly moved her to a higher shelf so his grubby little boy hands would not dirty her lovely self. And her dress is purple! My favorite color!! Now at first we didn't see the paper to explain what these were. And my darling daughter thought I got sent chocolate opposums, and I have to say she was a little scared :) But they are actually chocolate Bilbys which are way cooler than chocolate bunnies! My obsession for little bags grows! I am a fool for little ditty bags!!!
Oh what is this??? Cadbury chocolate? A Caramello Koala??

it shall be mine!

Thank you Maria! I loved it all so much, I'm looking through my patterns today to see what

I can knit with that springy colored yarn!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

World Austim Awareness Day.

On April 1 and 2nd, buildings all over the world will be glowing blue

in observance of Austim Awareness.

Buildings such as the Empire State Building in New York The Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia

The CN Tower in Canada

The National Concert Hall in Dublin, Ireland

The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest, Hungary

The Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai. And here, at 257 Hoppin Hill Ave aka "Da Hill" We will be shining blue in the night. for our little guy Gavin. who has autism, and whom changed our world and what we thought was "normal" forever, we love you big guy. Won't you shine with us??