Friday, April 1, 2011

World Austim Awareness Day.

On April 1 and 2nd, buildings all over the world will be glowing blue

in observance of Austim Awareness.

Buildings such as the Empire State Building in New York The Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia

The CN Tower in Canada

The National Concert Hall in Dublin, Ireland

The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest, Hungary

The Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai. And here, at 257 Hoppin Hill Ave aka "Da Hill" We will be shining blue in the night. for our little guy Gavin. who has autism, and whom changed our world and what we thought was "normal" forever, we love you big guy. Won't you shine with us??


  1. I'll check out the Sky Tower tonight and make sure NZ is shining blue for you tooooooo :)
    And here at Catalina's Cottage we'll shine blue for the love of Gavin xxx

  2. Thanks Cat! It's amazing how many buildings are all lit up in blue all around the world. Austism effects people of all races and places for sure.