Sunday, April 17, 2011

Frazzled Mom Alert

I'm burning the candles at both ends so to speak these days! Ok, phew, first...we have 2 new chicks living in our laundry room...the local preschool hatched eggs in one of their classrooms and needed to find homes for them...ring a ding ding went my phone one day and I totally caved into their pleads and begging...hence the new chicks. no idea what kind, if they are hens or not or really how old they are....mystery chicks that have been named Sweet and in sweet and sour kids are a little weird.'s baseball season, and yes I only have 2 playing this year rather than the usual 3 but it doesn't seem to have cut the chaos much. Oh then there is the garden that really needs to be turned over and the potatoes that need to be planted, and the house is getting grimier by the minute. Gavin is super sick, ear infection and sinus he is just a miserable booger head wiping his gooby nose all over everyone. Dance has NOT slowed down..matter of fact my daughter's dance team has made it to the finals for So You Think You Can Dance, New England. this has added more practices and of course more $$$. The teenage boy is off to New Jersey in 2 weeks for a concert band competition and then I have to truck the Boy Scout around to his various duties. did I mention it's school vacation week and I still have to figure in an orthodontist appointment and 2 chiropracter visits??? i'm a little dizzy at the thought of getting this all done and everyone to their right places....I think I need to be cloned.


  1. Keep Calm and Have a Coffee xxx xxx
    Big Diva Cuddles from NZ

  2. You make my head spin just reading your post.
    I agree with Cat. Aliitle slower and a nice coffee. XX

  3. ...and believe it or not..that's a slow day :) Coffee is in my system, potatoes have been planted, Gavin is still a snot head but the other kids are at the moment quiet and keeping busy!