Sunday, December 25, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

presents have been unwrapped, Gavin is napping, coffee has been consumed, house is a wrapping paper mess.
I love Christmas!
oh and I got a snazzy new laptop. yeah me!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to you all!

We wish you a Merry Christmas! We wish you a Merry Christmas!

from all of us here on Hoppin Hill Farms we say Happy Christmas and Merry New Year :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Swap Joy!

Oh the joy of a good knitting swap! I signed up for a Christmas swap during the summer..seems so long ago! I got paired with lovely Eva from Germany, and these are the goodies she sent to me.

gorgeous, hand dyed yarn that she made. the pictures do not show the true fabulousness of the yarn..especially the purple, and it's so soft. It is just amazing, I cannot decide what to make with it!
Oh and the yummy yummy goodies, almonds in chocolate...more chocolate..and more chocolate (she stalked me well!) my favorite gummy candy..saving those for upcoming dance competitions while watching Emily I shall have something to snack on! Delicious tea, a calander of her region..the pictures are breathtaking, another location on my bucket list to visit someday, lucious hand cream, and so much more!

Look at this cowl she made for me! and it matches my coat perfect!

thank you Eva, I feel so spoiled!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holly Jolly

It's the most wonderful time of the year! ok well it's certainly my favorite in our little town we kick off the holiday season with our traditional Santa Parade through downtown. This year Emily was dancing down the street with her dance studio and Cody marched with the cub scouts. The weather was perfect! Gavin is ready to see Santa!
The Scouts had a

Santa at the beach theme for their float..Cody is in the middle with the shades Emily dancing along with the holiday music

And then it's time to decorate! First out...The Holy Cow.

Hyacinth felt like she doesn't get represented often enough in my here she is supervising the decortaing.

I think all my children should start out their Santa letters with the saying on the sign.

My Dickens Christmas Carol display

a gentle reminder to the kids....

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Do Over...

yah...pass the kid giblets please!

Not us!

Not even close!

So, know the day you give thanks for all you have...and the only thing I could be thankful for yesterday was that the day finally ENDED! My 3 eldest children decided today would be a swell day to pick on each other to the point where one of them cried off and on all day. Super, all through the morning I heard them arguing, during dinner the bickering continued, and sure enough..even when writing Santa letters they could not stop.

And then, Mommy snapped.

I un-invited them all to the Christmas dinner table, they can eat at a card table in the garage..or in the goat pen, I'm sure Baxter and Skippy would love the attention. I took away the texting..because I"m pretty sure in the Decleration of Independence our fore-fathers did not write "Life, Liberty and the ablility to communicate with ones friends by use of our thumbs" texting is a PRIVILEDGE that can easily be taken away.

Now normally I let them settle their own arguments, it's a good life skill and it keeps me from having to get off the couch and put my bon bons down. Even when the boys are beating on each other I give it a few moments to see if anyone is bleeding (like loss of limb bleeding) or loss of conciousness before I head in to referee. But yesterday was just too much. I was dissapointed in all 3 of them, I should have brought the chickens in for dinner as they have better manners.

so of course they are all sullen and apologetic this morning, having gone nearly 12 hours without even so much as a "K" or "g2g" from friends..and are being forced into manual labor (raking the leaves off the yard) without getting any money as compensation for the use of their valuable time (i expect child services will be knocking on my door any moment now.)

But, I am willing to try again, maybe pizza and a Christmas movie. maybe.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

No Turkeys were harmed in the making of our Thanksgiving dinner.As a time honored Hoppin Hill Farm tradition...we do not go with tradition. I know...we are such rebels. See the problem is, we don't like to eat turkey. Plus the one person that does is not going to get a 25lb bird cooked just for him. So when the kiddos were little we started our "not so turkey filled turkey day" where we make what we like to eat, hang out in pajamas, watch movies and just relax. I know! Crazy talk! A holiday where you aren't dressed up, cooking all day, running back and forth to Grandma's house or watching Uncle So and So pass out on the couch in a full snore! No whiney kids or huge mess to clean up? I'm serious! It's awesome!

Everyone have a great day, enjoy being with your families, we will be resting up and maybe decorating a little for Christmas...oh..and you will NOT find us at any Black Friday sales either. Just thinking about it makes my skin itch :) but good luck to those who love it (and I know there are some out there that do!)

Friday, November 18, 2011

blog aggrivation

ok...not sure what happened here..but i can't sign into my blog to leave posts on other blogs..i want to comment..I want to tell people how neat-o keen their projects are and stuff..but it says I'm not signed in..unless im' on my own blog page. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Monday, November 14, 2011

let the panic begin

I'm in a knitting frenzy!!!!

I do this every year, I have all kinds of projects planned out, yarn bought, ready to go...then I loose track of time and time!! no time!!!

Christmas is just coming way to soon this year..seems like we are on fast forward! So sorry poor arthritic hands, I'll pop a couple of Aleve and have the warming pad on stand by but you are going to have to bear with me the next few weeks so I can get my s*&t done!

ps. this is my offical first day off/farm girl day. I think I shall shovel a little poo.

Monday, November 7, 2011

poke me with a fork I'm done!

I made a very grown up decision.

I've decided to do something for myself...not the kids...not the husband...not anyone else but little old me.

I'm leaving my job...and becoming a full time "farm girl"

yeah me!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Keep on knitting, keep on knitting...

So I may have mentioned before my pal Zoe..pictured here and looking stunning in a knitted hat from Hoppin Hill Farms.

Zoe has a rare form of brain cancer and is currently undergoing chemo. She is rockin' the hat look due to her hair falling out fast and furious. She looks good in hats...ok she looks adorable in anything!

In true Zoe style, the first thing she asked me today was "how was the goats" despite the fact the kid has been through Hell the last few days getting a G tube put in and having a radiation treatment and probably feeling like complete crud.

Kids, they are super amazing sometimes.

oh and yes, I am now her exclusive hat maker...I've found 2 new patterns and will be knitting the night away :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nothing says "I love you" like a faux mustache

It doesn't take a whole lot to make a bunch of teenage girls happy.
$2.00 worth of yarn and some knitting skills.

viola! faux mustaches!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Meet Baxter and Skippy...our new farm friends!

Brendan and Emily eagerly waiting for their goats to come out!

Goats in a mini van.....I've had stranger things happen

Emmie and at first sight

Brendan and Baxter

So Here are the newest additions to our farm! 2 Nubian goat boys, they seem to have settled right in..what a funny ride home in the van it was! Both are very well behaved and just cute as can be! Brendan is already asking if he can sleep out in the goat pen with them tonight!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

When the Divas get together...all kinds of mischeif occurs

The Diva's spent the day on Federal Hill in Providence Rhode Island!
This is where we had lunch!

When shopping it's very important to keep hydrated! Here Dawn demonstrates how to do it properly.

Here is Dawn striking a stunning pose in De Pasquale Square!

My turn! My turn!!!

oh and yes, it's me and the giant metal chicken!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time Flies when your havng fun!

Phew! It's been a busy month! So pictured above is Skippy and Baxter
our two newest additions to Hoppin Hill Farm, nubian goats.

Both are males, and just the cutest little guys with friendly little dispositions.
yes, we were going to get females at first..but the prospect of milking twice a day in the
middle of February and freezing my fingers off kind of changed my mind
it's all good that the children were going to "do the milking"
but after realizing they were neglecting their cat's litter box
I figured they were never going to milk frozen goats
I love my teenagers and their intentions are good...but let's be realistic.

so! that being said, we went with the boys :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Brain was hijacked by Pinterest!!

Where does the time go???

So I finally caved and joined because i couldn't stand
not being part of this "cult of cuteness" another minute.

little did I know, my time would be consumed looking for adorable teapot pictures and funny quotes to post on my boards!

wow! it gets addictive fast!!!

Plus, sorry to say, my camera has finally decided to just give up the fight and it now sitting in the "junk drawer" waiting to get tossed out. I love my little camera and it kills me to have to buy a new one...but with the holidays coming up fast and furious I'm going to want to capture all those precious moments.

like the Halloween post candy pig out meltdown
and the "I'm not eating this" Thanksgiving feast
oh my favorite, the snarling "you woke me up too early" under the Christmas tree teenager glare.

ahhhhhh those memories :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I need a new boy toy to run away with....suggestions?

so back in the know...long before children and other life distractions when you used to be able to stare into each other's eyes across the table and just eat at a lesiurly pace...and the meal did not consist of chicken nuggets..the hubby and I used to play the "people we were allowed to run away with if they came knocking on the front door" celebrity style of course. So over the years I have gone through quite a few "boy toys" and I'm feeling like it's time for a new one. My past men have been

Mr. Connery....mmmmm James Bond!

Mr. Crowe...Gladiator costume included.

Hugh Jackman...with or without the Wolverine blades.

So the verdict it out...I'm just not sure who to pick...nobody young..I am not into that vampire pale sparkly thing, and they cannot consider the 80's ancient times....I'm open to suggestion!

Oh and the husband has stood by his gal Nicole Kidman..although he does like her better with the red hair than blonde. I'm not too worried about her knocking on the front door. :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Because you just never be greatful for what you have.

Last week, my friend Jen brought her daughter in for follow up appointment with the doctor for possible Lyme disease, the doctor suggested an MRI, a large tumor was found in the right frontal portion of her brain, the next 24 hours were a blur as she was rushed in for a biopsy, and then the wait.

She is 9 years old, has a twin sister, is a dancer, cheerleader and has a silly sense of humor...and she has brain cancer.

I have had the privilege of knowing her family and also working with her and her sister in school. I can't put myself in their shoes, I have no words to express my feelings without crying, I can only be on standby (along with a fabulous group of other families) in case they need anything.

Her name is Zoe. She asks that we all remain opZOmistic about her getting well. I'm asking all my bloggy friends to pray for this little kiddo, I'll be knitting chemo caps for the darling this next week, and thinking of her and being opZOmistic.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

And now....a word from Hyacinth the cat


(what did you all expect, she is a cat!)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family Fun Day!

This weekend we went to visit Davis' Farmland in Sterling, MA!
It was a perfect day weather wise, and the kids even put up with
my insisting they pose with Moo Moo the cow.

This Cow made us laugh...check out that slobber

The kids all fell in love with the baby goats

Ok, so did I...I think it needs to come home with us.

This sheep was very fond of my son who is autistic, hmmm I wonder if instead of a companion dog we could get a companion sheep?

such a fun day...and of course they had the most fabulous ice cream too, I had the Moo Moo Caramel....mmmmmm

Monday, August 29, 2011

after the storm....

Lots of tree branches down
lost power for 10 hours
whiney children by hour 6 of lost power


We did not sustain any major damage
we were all safe
we had soup by candlelight.

My Dad still doesn't have power 2 towns over...he is coming here to use our stand up freezer...I'm hoping he brings ice cream..tee hee tee hee!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Batten down the hatches and hold on tight!

On Sunday we are going to get hit by Hurricane Irene
I don't think this is very nice
I've never done anything to Irene
She needs to stop being a bully

The kids have never experienced a hurricane
and are taking it VERY lightly...if not being a bit of a bunch
of pains in the rear ends.

I'm looking at the dead trees in the front yard and asking
them in my nicest most kindest way to please feel free
to fall towards the woods and not our house.

Do you think they are listening??

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blog Under Construction....

Hi All

the blog is going to have a's going to take me a while to figure it all no blogging for a couple of weeks..and ignore any crazy backgrounds or colors as well...takes me forever to decide what I like :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

humidity....who needs it!

Ugh I feel like slug!!! I despise just drains all the energy right out of my body and brain. I would like nothing more then to just lie on the floor in front of the air conditioning...but alas...the children demand attention. It's nearing the end of summer here, so those nice cool days get the occasional "hotter than Hell" day thrown in for good measure..just so we don't forget summer was around. I don't mind heat..but that feeling of walking around in soup because there is so much moisture in the air really brings me down.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I cannot be held responsible for any emotional outbursts this why below

I have an iffy tummy on a good day...but since I have gotten back from vacation my stomach has turned against me in anger :( so hellloooo elimination diet! yup, dairy is off the menu for a couple of weeks as well as......COFFEE.....I know I shall I survive, it's tough, especially with two other coffee drinkers in the can smell it brewing from every room. I just sit there with my green tea and glare at them hoping that the coffee turns to ash in their mouths and that locusts will eat them (ooh a little harsh, must be having java withdrawl) the sad part is, it's been a couple of days...and my stomach hasn't given me any problems. Matter of fact, aside from the headache from lack of caffine, I feel a lot better. sigh.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

ok...enough rain!

it's been beautiful the last few days...and I've really enjoyed it! worked around in the garden, checked the bees really well (and got stung on the thumb...right through my gloves, but really it was my own fault, i was taking a lot longer than they liked) spruced up the herb garden, cleaned out the chicken coop....and of course today it rains :( which leads me to believe I need these boots.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tea Towel Swap!

So a few months ago Dawn and I got paired as swap buddies for the Tea Towel Swap...which of course we found to be very funny because well, we are cousins and appeared to be the only 2 Americans in the it worked out really well...and who knows me better than her? So anyhow..since I was going to visit her we decided to just swap then save the postage :) here is what she gave to me! as always..i've been spoiled rotten.

aren't these just the cutest?? she made these bracelets herself!!

oooh so many lovelies!!! there is fabulous yarn from her friend Tara's mother's alpaca farm....mine came from a llama named "Quoddy". a delicious recipe that I cannot wait to try (maybe today!) yummy coffee, a bottle of wine (i drank that in no time) some fancy lip balm...'cause i'm fancy like that, a very fallish tea towel that is hanging in my kitchen and looks fabulous and some smell good candle tarts....again, she knows me best and I luuuuuuurrrrrvvv it all!

miss you Dawn :( but i'll see you in a few months! xxoo

Saturday, August 6, 2011

.....I'm back!!!!

Hellloooo All!
the kids and I are back from our wild adventures in the state of Maine! It was a wonderful week of being unplugged from the computer and devoid of texting, facebooking, or any other kind of faux human socialization. Yes, the children actually had to play..and have fun...and talk to each other!
Proof that you can indeed dress us up, but you should question taking us out into and Dawn at Quoddy Head Lighthouse.
My fabulous antique finds! Dawn nearly took me down over the butter churn...but she got a cool antique wash table..
I wonder what the poor are doing?? oh yes Daaaahhhling a little light lunch courtesy of the French Cellar in Machias, a little cheese, a little wine, a little chocolate..ahhh it was lovely, sunny day at Dawn's farm

The cousins at Roque's Bluff Beach...doing nothing in particular.

This was the 72 minute game of Uno..nobody is sure who really won, but they had fun!!!

I left the camera unattended for 5 minutes......

It's called Sunrise County because it's the eastern most the sun rises here first....super.

Canoodling down the river!

This is the view from the house...I know, how I suffer.