Saturday, October 22, 2011

Keep on knitting, keep on knitting...

So I may have mentioned before my pal Zoe..pictured here and looking stunning in a knitted hat from Hoppin Hill Farms.

Zoe has a rare form of brain cancer and is currently undergoing chemo. She is rockin' the hat look due to her hair falling out fast and furious. She looks good in hats...ok she looks adorable in anything!

In true Zoe style, the first thing she asked me today was "how was the goats" despite the fact the kid has been through Hell the last few days getting a G tube put in and having a radiation treatment and probably feeling like complete crud.

Kids, they are super amazing sometimes.

oh and yes, I am now her exclusive hat maker...I've found 2 new patterns and will be knitting the night away :)


  1. Go you keep on knitting keep on knitting
    And hugs n kisses for Zoe

  2. I did! so much in fact I can barely move my right hand this morning :) hat looks stunning, it's the opposite color of the one she is wearing (red hat/white flower) as those are North Attleboro colors and she is a cheerleader for our junior football team (Go Big Red!)