Sunday, October 16, 2011

Meet Baxter and Skippy...our new farm friends!

Brendan and Emily eagerly waiting for their goats to come out!

Goats in a mini van.....I've had stranger things happen

Emmie and at first sight

Brendan and Baxter

So Here are the newest additions to our farm! 2 Nubian goat boys, they seem to have settled right in..what a funny ride home in the van it was! Both are very well behaved and just cute as can be! Brendan is already asking if he can sleep out in the goat pen with them tonight!


  1. super dooper cuteness ::))
    now a blog post about your cousins visit PLEASE

  2. I did, it was the post before this...our fabulous lunch on Federal Hill..really the highlight of our trip, the rest was just rainy shopping.