Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Do Over...

yah...pass the kid giblets please!

Not us!

Not even close!

So, know the day you give thanks for all you have...and the only thing I could be thankful for yesterday was that the day finally ENDED! My 3 eldest children decided today would be a swell day to pick on each other to the point where one of them cried off and on all day. Super, all through the morning I heard them arguing, during dinner the bickering continued, and sure enough..even when writing Santa letters they could not stop.

And then, Mommy snapped.

I un-invited them all to the Christmas dinner table, they can eat at a card table in the garage..or in the goat pen, I'm sure Baxter and Skippy would love the attention. I took away the texting..because I"m pretty sure in the Decleration of Independence our fore-fathers did not write "Life, Liberty and the ablility to communicate with ones friends by use of our thumbs" texting is a PRIVILEDGE that can easily be taken away.

Now normally I let them settle their own arguments, it's a good life skill and it keeps me from having to get off the couch and put my bon bons down. Even when the boys are beating on each other I give it a few moments to see if anyone is bleeding (like loss of limb bleeding) or loss of conciousness before I head in to referee. But yesterday was just too much. I was dissapointed in all 3 of them, I should have brought the chickens in for dinner as they have better manners.

so of course they are all sullen and apologetic this morning, having gone nearly 12 hours without even so much as a "K" or "g2g" from friends..and are being forced into manual labor (raking the leaves off the yard) without getting any money as compensation for the use of their valuable time (i expect child services will be knocking on my door any moment now.)

But, I am willing to try again, maybe pizza and a Christmas movie. maybe.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

No Turkeys were harmed in the making of our Thanksgiving dinner.As a time honored Hoppin Hill Farm tradition...we do not go with tradition. I know...we are such rebels. See the problem is, we don't like to eat turkey. Plus the one person that does is not going to get a 25lb bird cooked just for him. So when the kiddos were little we started our "not so turkey filled turkey day" where we make what we like to eat, hang out in pajamas, watch movies and just relax. I know! Crazy talk! A holiday where you aren't dressed up, cooking all day, running back and forth to Grandma's house or watching Uncle So and So pass out on the couch in a full snore! No whiney kids or huge mess to clean up? I'm serious! It's awesome!

Everyone have a great day, enjoy being with your families, we will be resting up and maybe decorating a little for Christmas...oh..and you will NOT find us at any Black Friday sales either. Just thinking about it makes my skin itch :) but good luck to those who love it (and I know there are some out there that do!)

Friday, November 18, 2011

blog aggrivation

ok...not sure what happened here..but i can't sign into my blog to leave posts on other blogs..i want to comment..I want to tell people how neat-o keen their projects are and stuff..but it says I'm not signed in..unless im' on my own blog page. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Monday, November 14, 2011

let the panic begin

I'm in a knitting frenzy!!!!

I do this every year, I have all kinds of projects planned out, yarn bought, ready to go...then I loose track of time and time!! no time!!!

Christmas is just coming way to soon this year..seems like we are on fast forward! So sorry poor arthritic hands, I'll pop a couple of Aleve and have the warming pad on stand by but you are going to have to bear with me the next few weeks so I can get my s*&t done!

ps. this is my offical first day off/farm girl day. I think I shall shovel a little poo.

Monday, November 7, 2011

poke me with a fork I'm done!

I made a very grown up decision.

I've decided to do something for myself...not the kids...not the husband...not anyone else but little old me.

I'm leaving my job...and becoming a full time "farm girl"

yeah me!