Monday, May 30, 2011

The Bees Knees

The Bees Have Arrived! Yes that's me holding a box full of aprox 10,000 hot and angry bees...I'm telling the Hubs through clenched teeth to hurry up and take the picture..I was a little nervous! Got them in the hive and now I'm just trying not to go out there every day and look at them...which is tough, they are so cool to watch. Nobody has been stung, the kids were pleasantly surprised to find out they will not be attacked when playing outside. Because they came so late this year, the chances of me actually getting any honey is slim, the bees have to make at least 80 pounds of honey
just so they have something to eat over the winter. But next year i should have plenty and some to spare!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

yup....still here.

Well, all that fuss and I'm still here. No ascending to the rapture for me. well fine, didn't want to go anyway :)

so I'm driving down route 295 south heading to Beehavin' Aipary to pick up my 10,000 bees..and my son Cody (aka farmer green jeans) turns to me and says "uuummm don't we have like 15 minutes until the world ends" Well, yes I guess we do Cody. "and ummmm, aren't we about to have a box of bees in the car?" Well, yes I guess we will Cody.

"Mom...we're screwed."

Sigh, well yes Cody, I suppose we are

Friday, May 20, 2011

Invasion of the Giant Person Eating Spider


ok, so today, a typical day, the rain finally stopped and we were able to venture outside, only to find the biggest, scariest spider was on the side of our house..see the above picture, those are just it's legs. I am deathly afraid of spiders, and here I was alone with a mutated killer one!!! the following videos shows my expert crocodile hunter like assesment of the spider and then the demise of it by the hands of my daughter, who wanted to make sure our house was safe from the beast. Buddhists...please advert your eyes.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I miss pizza.....really really miss pizza

Oooooooh cheesy cheese and loads of toppings...chewing, thick, doughy yet a little crunchy on the bottom crust...mmmmm crust that doesn't taste like cardboard...this is the only major downfall for me being gluten-free. I have tried countless recipes, mixes, what have you...I have yet to find a really delicious pizza crust recipe. It has to be DELICIOUS for me to eat it...not ok, not good but down right fabulous. I actually have to leave the room and pretend it doesn't bother me that my children (ok except for Gavin who like me cannot digest the gluten...but who doesn't like pizza anyway) can sit and eat that gooey lusciousness from the pizza parlor. sigh.

Monday, May 16, 2011

On May 19th, exceptional athletes from all over Massachusetts will be coming to North Attleboro to participate in the Special Olympics. Our Gavin will be there ready to bring home the gold! Let's hope for some sunshine on this inspirational and fantastically fabulous day!!

This was from last year, Gavin running the 50 meter dash with his brother Cody to help him along :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Never Anything Good to Eat in My House....

...I have teenagers ( insert deep sigh here and rolling of eyeballs with the token "mom...your so ridiculous") Hence there is never anything GOOD to eat in my house..with the exception of the actual day of grocery shopping, then the house is teeming with food many in fact that they just stand in front of the fridge for long periods of time staring into the cornucopia of delights awaiting them to consume...until I start to holler to close the door!!!

then by the 3rd day, amazingly it's all's like I never even visited the market and the $150.00 just vanished from my savings account. Kind of like ghost money...or an optical illusion of money, was it there? were did it go?

So I sit here, watching as they (include Husband in here too...also known as the 5th child) wander from cabinet to fridge, to pantry...back to fridge (because gnomes may have delivered new food for eating in the 2 seconds they were gone) to drawers, back to pantry, oh wait, there is some stomping of feet going on..aaaahh yes, throwing up of hands in the air...oh oh do I see scowls???

I shall sit here and drink my coffee...giggling inside...and eating the last muffin that I hid from them (muuuwawwwwahahahahahaha!)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Swapy Swapy Swapy! How I love a good Swap!

Here is a good swap! I'm loving the idea of it, nice and simple...and fun! who doesn't need new tea towels?? Thanks Cat for suggesting it, you find the neatest things!

check out for details! :) happy swapping!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance!

Wow!!!! What an evening!!!! This is the ultimate for dancers, not only did we get to perform at the beautiful Rhodes on the Pawtuxet venue but the celebrity judge was none other than Mary Murphy from the TV show So You Think You Can Dance!!!! Whhooooo Hoooo ride that hot tamale train baby!!! Emily and the other dancers were on cloud 9 the whole night! My Grandmother aka Big Mimi who tapped danced until she was 65 was there with her great grandaughter to enjoy the excitment! Her night was made when she got to meet Mary and have her picture taken too!

We didn't win any trophies or awards or even one of those big giant checks that night, but we had 1st place fun! The girls danced the night away with the judges after and all left with big smiles on their faces! For a celebrity Mary Murphy couldn't have been more sweet and gracious to the girls, she has class!

Emily is also pictured with the un-official first lady of Providence, RI...our very own Ms. Kitty Litter! Truly the highlight of my daughter's night.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Being a Mom on the Hill.....

This is exactly how it gets all done! Whew! what a week!!! It's dance nightmare week with the recital coming up on Saturday, So You Think You Can Dance that is Thursday night, dress rehersals for both, baseball games scattered in there for good measure and various doctor appointments/chiropracter/orthodontist etc etc etc. Oh yes and then there is MY day on Sunday. Let's use that term loosely shall we. See every year my beloved and most worshiped Grandmother flies up from Florida to see her great grandaughter dance (Gram is a dancer from way back, it's a bond they share) and of course since I have the kids and the big backyard...we have a Mother's Day BBQ here. which of course will require some house cleaning, menu planning, etc etc etc. Now usually, my partner in crime, Diva Cousin Dawn, is here to buffer my madenss. But gas prices are INSANE and she is staying put in Maine...and if this week doesn't get any better I may take a second mortgage out on the house, fill the gas tank in the mini van and drive up and hide at her house!

deep breathing................deeeeeeeeep breathing........................and lots of coffee!!!

ps. my Mother's Day treat to me..Blue Bunny Peanut Butter Panic Ice Cream...i don't intend to share.