Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Being a Mom on the Hill.....

This is exactly how it gets all done! Whew! what a week!!! It's dance nightmare week with the recital coming up on Saturday, So You Think You Can Dance that is Thursday night, dress rehersals for both, baseball games scattered in there for good measure and various doctor appointments/chiropracter/orthodontist etc etc etc. Oh yes and then there is MY day on Sunday. Let's use that term loosely shall we. See every year my beloved and most worshiped Grandmother flies up from Florida to see her great grandaughter dance (Gram is a dancer from way back, it's a bond they share) and of course since I have the kids and the big backyard...we have a Mother's Day BBQ here. which of course will require some house cleaning, menu planning, etc etc etc. Now usually, my partner in crime, Diva Cousin Dawn, is here to buffer my madenss. But gas prices are INSANE and she is staying put in Maine...and if this week doesn't get any better I may take a second mortgage out on the house, fill the gas tank in the mini van and drive up and hide at her house!

deep breathing................deeeeeeeeep breathing........................and lots of coffee!!!

ps. my Mother's Day treat to me..Blue Bunny Peanut Butter Panic Ice Cream...i don't intend to share.


  1. And a present is on its way from NZ to USA - Happy Mothers Day honey -
    So please define 'gas prices are insane'
    Ours are now $2.18 a litre - my car takes just under $70 to fill and I get around 400kms out of that (I drive a sportie Suzuki Swift - in PINK of course ~ don't all Diva's??)

  2. shaaa! You have a pink car!! you are a zoomin' diva! insane for us is $4.00 a gallon (so it costs me about $70 to fill the mini van) and that will last me almost a week. This week is unusual because we have to take a trip to "the big city" for one of Gavin's doctor appointments :) ooooooh a giftie???? you spoil me so!!!

  3. Firstly that ice cream sounds wonderful!!!!

    Sounds like it's go go go for you this weekend!

    Victoria x

  4. the ice cream is amazing, the whole thing will be gone by Sunday night :)