Thursday, May 19, 2011

I miss pizza.....really really miss pizza

Oooooooh cheesy cheese and loads of toppings...chewing, thick, doughy yet a little crunchy on the bottom crust...mmmmm crust that doesn't taste like cardboard...this is the only major downfall for me being gluten-free. I have tried countless recipes, mixes, what have you...I have yet to find a really delicious pizza crust recipe. It has to be DELICIOUS for me to eat it...not ok, not good but down right fabulous. I actually have to leave the room and pretend it doesn't bother me that my children (ok except for Gavin who like me cannot digest the gluten...but who doesn't like pizza anyway) can sit and eat that gooey lusciousness from the pizza parlor. sigh.

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