Sunday, May 22, 2011

yup....still here.

Well, all that fuss and I'm still here. No ascending to the rapture for me. well fine, didn't want to go anyway :)

so I'm driving down route 295 south heading to Beehavin' Aipary to pick up my 10,000 bees..and my son Cody (aka farmer green jeans) turns to me and says "uuummm don't we have like 15 minutes until the world ends" Well, yes I guess we do Cody. "and ummmm, aren't we about to have a box of bees in the car?" Well, yes I guess we will Cody.

"Mom...we're screwed."

Sigh, well yes Cody, I suppose we are


  1. he is such a good kid...funny as all get out, and my future farmer of America. he was so cool about riding home with a box of 10,000 bees.