Sunday, May 15, 2011

Never Anything Good to Eat in My House....

...I have teenagers ( insert deep sigh here and rolling of eyeballs with the token "mom...your so ridiculous") Hence there is never anything GOOD to eat in my house..with the exception of the actual day of grocery shopping, then the house is teeming with food many in fact that they just stand in front of the fridge for long periods of time staring into the cornucopia of delights awaiting them to consume...until I start to holler to close the door!!!

then by the 3rd day, amazingly it's all's like I never even visited the market and the $150.00 just vanished from my savings account. Kind of like ghost money...or an optical illusion of money, was it there? were did it go?

So I sit here, watching as they (include Husband in here too...also known as the 5th child) wander from cabinet to fridge, to pantry...back to fridge (because gnomes may have delivered new food for eating in the 2 seconds they were gone) to drawers, back to pantry, oh wait, there is some stomping of feet going on..aaaahh yes, throwing up of hands in the air...oh oh do I see scowls???

I shall sit here and drink my coffee...giggling inside...and eating the last muffin that I hid from them (muuuwawwwwahahahahahaha!)


  1. ROFLMAO you crack me up all whilst preparing me for the years I have ahead of me !! !!

  2. oooh they had no patience for my laughing this morning let me tell you!! if looks could kill :)