Saturday, April 30, 2011

I watched the royal wedding, I laughed, I cried, I ooh and I ahhhhhed...and then I asked myself....

who told these two this look would work?
I'm a little scared as it looks like
she has a spider on her head, and I'm scared of spiders.

The wedding was beautiful to watch.
I wished I was a princess :(


  1. I also enjoyed the wedding. LOL I thought her hat looked like two snakes. I hate snakes.

  2. I thought Beatrice looked like a reindeer and Eugenie looked like she was wearing curtains or an eiderdown. I guess their dress sense comes from their Mother. I thought Prince Andrew looked OLD.
    And word is out the delayed Honeymoon 'may' be the Rugby World Cup in NEW ZEALAND whoop whoop whoop

  3. Hmmmm I was wondering about this myself... Yeh... there is speculation they may come to NZ!! wont that be great if they do!!

  4. I've been sent here by Catherine and couldn't agree with you more! My family and I gasped as they got out of the car!

    Victoria x

  5. If they had personal shoppers, those people should be sacked immediatly!!! and hello Victoria and welcome :) I shall now check out your blog....which I am sure will be fabulous and I will need to follow of course! xxoo!

  6. I loved the crowds reaction as they stepped out of the car...a lot of rolling eyes and confused looks..I mean she couldn't even sit up straight in the car with that thing on!! What an embarrassment!

  7. I am quite sure their grandmother did not approve those worrry that they took away from the bride:)