Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tilda Egg-cellent Easter Swap Arrived!

A fabulous box of goodies arrived from Maria in Australia on Saturday!

OOOOHHH AAAAAAHHHH!!!! YIPPPEEEE!! This is Missy, she is super soft and oh so adorable! Gavin tried to claim it as his own but I quickly moved her to a higher shelf so his grubby little boy hands would not dirty her lovely self. And her dress is purple! My favorite color!! Now at first we didn't see the paper to explain what these were. And my darling daughter thought I got sent chocolate opposums, and I have to say she was a little scared :) But they are actually chocolate Bilbys which are way cooler than chocolate bunnies! My obsession for little bags grows! I am a fool for little ditty bags!!!
Oh what is this??? Cadbury chocolate? A Caramello Koala??

it shall be mine!

Thank you Maria! I loved it all so much, I'm looking through my patterns today to see what

I can knit with that springy colored yarn!!


  1. Hi Nicole, I am delighted your parcel arrived and much quicker than I thought.
    It was so much fun putting it together for you.
    Must say that Caramellos are one of my favorites too.
    You took a great photo of Missy with her hat. My DD2 made that for her.
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  2. Goodness me what an adorable parcel you received from Maria - isn't she a darling xxx!!!
    I had admired her bunnies on her blog when she showed pictures!

  3. What a lovely swap parcel to recieve from Maria