Thursday, April 21, 2011

Well Hello Sunshine!

I really feel that during school vacation it should NOT be allowed to rain...especially when you have a multitude of children like I do :)

So here we are on Thursday of a very long week off. Gavin is improving health wise and is heading to a fun day of "respite camp" so the other kiddos and i can go and play some mini golf and grab some lunch.

Our "mystery chicks" are getting bigger by the minute. We still have absolutly no idea what kind of chickens they are going to grow up to be but we have figured out they are two different breeds of chickens...interesting huh!

Yet MORE dance rehersals tonight...I swear you would think we were going to be performing on Broadway at this point. our big So You Think You Can Dance New England competition is coming up fast...the girls had to learn a whole new dance for the opening of the show last night and tonight. Not easy! Did I tell you one of the judges is Mary Murphy from the TV show? You would think that would be exciting to a young girl. But Emily is far far far more excited at the local celebrity judge...yes, our very own drag queen, Miss Kitty Litter will be one of the judges. I think Emily is going to tackle her to the ground to get a picture with her. Yup, she is my kid.

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