Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

No Turkeys were harmed in the making of our Thanksgiving dinner.As a time honored Hoppin Hill Farm tradition...we do not go with tradition. I know...we are such rebels. See the problem is, we don't like to eat turkey. Plus the one person that does is not going to get a 25lb bird cooked just for him. So when the kiddos were little we started our "not so turkey filled turkey day" where we make what we like to eat, hang out in pajamas, watch movies and just relax. I know! Crazy talk! A holiday where you aren't dressed up, cooking all day, running back and forth to Grandma's house or watching Uncle So and So pass out on the couch in a full snore! No whiney kids or huge mess to clean up? I'm serious! It's awesome!

Everyone have a great day, enjoy being with your families, we will be resting up and maybe decorating a little for Christmas...oh..and you will NOT find us at any Black Friday sales either. Just thinking about it makes my skin itch :) but good luck to those who love it (and I know there are some out there that do!)

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