Saturday, August 6, 2011

.....I'm back!!!!

Hellloooo All!
the kids and I are back from our wild adventures in the state of Maine! It was a wonderful week of being unplugged from the computer and devoid of texting, facebooking, or any other kind of faux human socialization. Yes, the children actually had to play..and have fun...and talk to each other!
Proof that you can indeed dress us up, but you should question taking us out into and Dawn at Quoddy Head Lighthouse.
My fabulous antique finds! Dawn nearly took me down over the butter churn...but she got a cool antique wash table..
I wonder what the poor are doing?? oh yes Daaaahhhling a little light lunch courtesy of the French Cellar in Machias, a little cheese, a little wine, a little chocolate..ahhh it was lovely, sunny day at Dawn's farm

The cousins at Roque's Bluff Beach...doing nothing in particular.

This was the 72 minute game of Uno..nobody is sure who really won, but they had fun!!!

I left the camera unattended for 5 minutes......

It's called Sunrise County because it's the eastern most the sun rises here first....super.

Canoodling down the river!

This is the view from the house...I know, how I suffer.

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  1. What an amazing week you've had - but I must question - if you were unplugged how come FB was being updated with photos ?