Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tea Towel Swap!

So a few months ago Dawn and I got paired as swap buddies for the Tea Towel Swap...which of course we found to be very funny because well, we are cousins and appeared to be the only 2 Americans in the swap...so it worked out really well...and who knows me better than her? So anyhow..since I was going to visit her we decided to just swap then save the postage :) here is what she gave to me! as always..i've been spoiled rotten.

aren't these just the cutest?? she made these bracelets herself!!

oooh so many lovelies!!! there is fabulous yarn from her friend Tara's mother's alpaca farm....mine came from a llama named "Quoddy". a delicious recipe that I cannot wait to try (maybe today!) yummy coffee, a bottle of wine (i drank that in no time) some fancy lip balm...'cause i'm fancy like that, a very fallish tea towel that is hanging in my kitchen and looks fabulous and some smell good candle tarts....again, she knows me best and I luuuuuuurrrrrvvv it all!

miss you Dawn :( but i'll see you in a few months! xxoo


  1. You were very spoilt by your cousin in the swap.

  2. spoilt xxx Dawn does send good swap packages xxx
    Can't wait to read the post on soap making too