Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I cannot be held responsible for any emotional outbursts this week....read why below

I have an iffy tummy on a good day...but since I have gotten back from vacation my stomach has turned against me in anger :( so hellloooo elimination diet! yup, dairy is off the menu for a couple of weeks as well as......COFFEE.....I know I know..how shall I survive, it's tough, especially with two other coffee drinkers in the house..you can smell it brewing from every room. I just sit there with my green tea and glare at them hoping that the coffee turns to ash in their mouths and that locusts will eat them (ooh a little harsh, must be having java withdrawl) the sad part is, it's been a couple of days...and my stomach hasn't given me any problems. Matter of fact, aside from the headache from lack of caffine, I feel a lot better. sigh.


  1. Coffee is GOOOOOOOOOD
    ps: LOVING the bees background

  2. I miss it. I was staring at the coffee maker today..but my stomach feels so much better...I have to remember that. :( i really dislike my digestive system some days!