Friday, July 29, 2011


We are packed and ready to rock...will be posting pictures when we get back as we will be sans internet access for a whole week......GASP!
I'm sure the teenagers will be cursing my name by the end of the week...all the updates they have missed
(OMG this morning I like ate a bagel LOL!)
I think they will be fine, really.

But do I care if they have to learn a week later that Suzy so-and-so broke up with Hunky-whatshisname or that one of their 800 friends on Facebook that they sat next to in the cafeteria once in 8th grade and asked them to pass the ketchup didn't make the volleyball team? Nope...i'm going to focus on being unplugged and relaxing, with some light knitting and of course chasing Gavin around the yard.

I'm even considering taking him out in the canoe...ooohh ahhh...wild woman on the loose!

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  1. I'm waiting in anticipation to see the photos of you two together!
    BTW the earths axis hasn't tipped down here