Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Buzz Buzz Buzz y'all!

The Bees have been very very busy the last few days. I have had to refill their sugar syrup almost daily! They are working very hard at "building out" honeycomb on their second brood box. I'm crossing my fingers that before I leave for Maine I can slap a honey super on there so the Hubbster won't have to try to squeeze himself into my bee gear to out to feed them....did I mention he is terrified of bees? I can't have him doing that..especially if I'm not around to laugh at his antics. I mean really now!

You can see all the white larvae or "baby bees" here...they queen has been very productive for sure! More bees means more honey!
These are the worker bees tending to the larvae..they are feeding them..what good little nanny bees!


  1. I LOVE your bees xxx
    Pity I'm so jolly allergic to them tho

  2. I love my bees too! I got stung on the toe today...hurt like heck!