Saturday, December 10, 2011

Swap Joy!

Oh the joy of a good knitting swap! I signed up for a Christmas swap during the summer..seems so long ago! I got paired with lovely Eva from Germany, and these are the goodies she sent to me.

gorgeous, hand dyed yarn that she made. the pictures do not show the true fabulousness of the yarn..especially the purple, and it's so soft. It is just amazing, I cannot decide what to make with it!
Oh and the yummy yummy goodies, almonds in chocolate...more chocolate..and more chocolate (she stalked me well!) my favorite gummy candy..saving those for upcoming dance competitions while watching Emily I shall have something to snack on! Delicious tea, a calander of her region..the pictures are breathtaking, another location on my bucket list to visit someday, lucious hand cream, and so much more!

Look at this cowl she made for me! and it matches my coat perfect!

thank you Eva, I feel so spoiled!!

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