Thursday, January 28, 2010

Enough of Winter!

I know it's silly to be sick of winter with it only going in to February in a few days. Really i know here in New England we could go into April with cold weather but i'm just in such a rush to get it over and done with this year. I need warm and sun and i miss playing in the dirt. i think because i am more organized this year with the gardens and they were somewhat neglected last year with all the stupid rain we got...thus drowning most of the crop! i have a cabinet full of empty canning jars just waiting to be filled with goodness.

Dance competition season has begun for baby diva. this weekend is our first and she is all nervous. her dances look awesome and i have a good feeling about this season, i think her team will do well. i'll be wrestling her hair into a bun so slick and tight her eyes will water and trying to get on her false eyelashes without blinding her, i am not exactly the girliest of girls so this is still all very challanging for me...oh yes and doing this while keeping an eye on the boys. Last night the 9 year old dropped the "F" bomb for all the world to hear...he soon discovered that liquid soap tastes gross. i think he will be watching what he says from now on....told me he heard it on the playground **sigh** what's a mom to do? Time to load up on coffee, i'm working today (the life of a substitute teacher is a weird one) and will be heading into an afternoon kindergarten class where i will no doubt come out of covered in boogers and snack time remnents.

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