Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wacky Wednesday!

it's official..i've gone flying off the deep end! 2 days of decent temperatures and i'm ready to tear the house apart and clean, bleach, dust and wash windows...luckily i came to my senses before i even started and sat my behind on the couch to watch my newest guilty pleasure "true blood" on dvd. now while it's true i do not watch much tv and usually it is HGTV or the food channel when i do (ok and Thomas the tank engine and max and ruby of course) but every now and then something just catches my eye and i get into watching.

it's barrel day here on the hill. the big recycle barrel gets rolled out to the end of the driveway by Gavin (it's his job/obsession) and of course it also means i'm not cooking tonight. yup, it's our once a week take out night. we have managed to avoid the temptation of multiple take outs a week for the following reasons A: too damn expensive! B: we like the size we are need to be bigger C: too damn expensive! ha ha ha!

Just sent the teen and preteen off to school...large cup of coffee in one hand and making my way over to get the younger two motivated to get dressed for school. Another Wacky Wedneday here on Da Hill.

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