Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Weekend! So i went shopping today for non Valentine related things and was just about run over by the senior crowd as they frantically grabbed boxes of chocolate off the i had to laugh at the guys who were picking out the most ugly stuffed animals (stuffed advark? really?) known to man and just hoped their girlfriends had good senses of humor. The kiddos are all getting a little something and i'll probably make them a good hearty breakfast but really i don't buy into the whole thing. I'm a poop i know. HOWEVER, i will not argue with chocolate! mmmmmm now everday should be a chocolate holiday! tomorrow baby diva and i will be heading downtown to the 13th annual Chocolate Lover's Stroll in hopes of getting some good stuff. Its a nice way to drum up some business for the locals and there is chocolate involved...what could be better. Weather looks good as well, yup it's still winter but at least our faces won't be ripped off by icey gusts of wind and the sun is going to be out!

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