Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENDAN! i offically have a pre teen in the house once again! he was up early this morning all a flutter about opening presents...which he has to wait until later until he does (mwwwwahahahahhahahahaha) but it's his choice for dinner tonight and he has decided upon Applebees (gag).

today is also the day my son cody starts riding lessons with his brother Gavin. Gavin has been riding for nearly a year and cody has desperatly wanted to join him....i caved in big time when he flashed those big green eyes up at me and offered up his piggy bank money to help pay for it. oh he know how to work the system let me tell you! it was a light dusting of snow this morning, i'm chugging down the coffee and getting the kids up and going for school. we also have teacher conferences and dance class's going to be a multi cup of coffee kind of day for sure!

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