Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It's yucky wet nasty snow...too wet to make a decent snowman...however, that did not stop Gavin (you may remember him as tribble boy from the previous blog) to start begging to go outside and frolick in the snow....at 7 am. i held him off until 9:30 and we bundled up and ventured out. there was not much snow to use, but we managed to make a small and pissed off looking snowman. Now what to do with the rest of our day.

Cody had his first ever sleep over at a friend's house last night and successfully made it through! he is currently passed out on the couch as the boys didn't really sleep, big surprise! We are back to the orthodontist later today to get molds made of the pre-teen's mouth because TA DA he needs braces!!! Oh the joys!!! The ride home yesterday after he was told was very quiet except for him informing me that his teeth were fine (they are most definatly not) and that our orthodontist (graduate of Harvard dental school mind you) was wrong. He seems to have settled on the fact he is getting them even if his mother has to sit on him during the process. I spent the rest of the night threatening his teenage sister (who has already been there done that with braces) that if she tells him anything negative about it i would sell her to the gypsies...oh yeah, gypsies....they don't have cell phones or ipods...i checked....and i'll find them, mark my words i will find them. She kind of rolled her eyes at me and agreed, for now.

So here i sit, i wonder if anyone else even reads this junk that i write, but it is mighty fine therapy!

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  1. ahhh yes..the gypsies..some days I wonder if the gypsies would have been a better alternative... :-)