Saturday, February 13, 2010 of the gods

So today was the annual chocolate lover's stroll in our beautiful downtown, 300 of North's finest showed up to stroll down the streets and collect their bounty. it was a lovely day, sun was out wind wasn't blowing too hard. we paid our $6.00 which went towards the downtown association (who does a marvelous job with upkeep and all kinds of fun kid events during the well spent i think) got our official candy bag (yes it's a little creepy that the funeral home in town sponsored the stroll this year) and off we went in search of the giant pink hearts in the windows of the stores participating. we got chocolate cars from the driving school, chocolate dragons from the chinese food resturant, and pink chocolate boxing gloves from the gym!
we stopped into the library for some hot chocolate then off to the yarn shop! yes granted they were not giving out chocolate and of course they were quick to let me know, of course i was so busy drooling over all the yarn i barely noticed until finally one lady had to actually poke me in the arm to get my soon as she found out of course it was all about the yarn..spent a nice long time getting a tour of the store and some free patterns! all in all a marvelous day..and i have a bag of chocolate to eat tonight....what could be better?



  2. watch it kid! i was so busy shoveling chocolate in my face i forgot to take pictures!!!