Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super bowl smuchmuperbowl!

I detest football. I've never preteneded to like it, it bores me to tears. I also get annoyed when grown men scream at the TV set during a game....of any kind really. it's annoying to have to remind them that the little people on the field CANNOT in fact hear them. So i decided to just have my own Super Knitting Bowl. Now with the SKB comes of course all the lovely munchies one would have durning a football game....'cause you have to keep your energy up. You don't have to wear anything special...heck pajamas will do just nicely and of no particular team color either...the brighter the better!

There is left over cake from the pre teens grandparent birthday celebration yesterday (aka the 3 hours of hell i spent with my mother in law) and it mocks me from the counter. Yup, it's a gluten overload and it looks yummy. So i'll be heading over the farmer's market later this morning to see if my cake guy is there. he sells GF cake by the slice ($2.00 a slice..very worth it) and it's divine. I am hoping he has some coconut cake left when i get there but the lemon is very good too. if all else fails he always has some chocoalte chip muffins...again...yummy! they have a band playing this week Cactus Attack...and indie folk band who are excellent!

time for another coff a cuppy!

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  1. I envy the thought of you in your jammas knitting as I drive Mikey back to college in the snow..yes..snow..why? I have no idea..the radar shows clear's just an evil ploy...
    Miss you diva! snap snap!