Thursday, February 25, 2010

Muddy Buddies--gluten free crack!

I stress eat...ok i do, i admit it and right now I am imagining Richard Simmons in those stupid little shorts he wears jumping up and down outside my kitchen window yelling at me to "be strong" in that little squeaky voice of i laugh in an evil way and continue to chow down...mwwuuuahahahahahaha!
It's been a rough morning here on the hill. Gavin (aka Hoobie or tribble boy) woke up lethargic and vomiting...not good signs when you are severly epileptic, no fever and the vomiting continues...we suspect he is seizing up a storm and i have been advised by his neuro team not to leave him unattended and feel free to use his Diastat to stop the seizures (like i needed to be told that!!!) waiting to find out if we are headed for an overnight "sleepover party" at the hospital...good times. so i'm calorie loading just in case because once i get to the hospital with him i'm not eating...the food is questionable and i really won't be in the mood anyway.
So here i sit, taking turns between staring at the phone and staring at Gavin (who is dozing on the couch) everytime he twitches my blood pressure goes up. poor kid, i feel so bad.

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