Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coffee IV needed for today....

Another restless and sleepless night, not sure what is going on. I'm exhausted and ready for bed by 9 but once my head hits the pillow i'm wired. very annoying indeed as i seem to drift into sleep early hours of the morning only to have the feeling someone is staring at me, I open my eyes and i'm looking in to the big brown ones of Gavin "hi mom, you want to get up" gee Gav, not really. so then the dance of putting him back to bed starts. I learned this dance from watching Supernanny...yah know when the darling child keeps getting up and you keep putting them back to bed and VIOLA! soon enough they are sleeping soundly in their own bed...on the show it takes about 10 minutes, i can spend up to 4 hours trying to get Gav to stay in bed...obviously Supernanny has never dealt with a kid like mine. Anyway, up early and i have a large cup of the nectar of the gods sitting next to me. It's wacky wednesday here..the busiest day of our week, usually left over day because there is no time to really cook dinner. Yesterday was beloved's birthday and i made him a special dinner...veal (ewwwwww ewwwww grosssss!!!). I got a roast at the farmer's market, it is grain fed, no hormones, no antibiotics, free range, brushed daily and probably had a bed time story read to it each night before it ended up on his plate. well, he enjoyed it, i had salad.

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