Sunday, February 21, 2010

We are family obsessed by chickens! The beloved started to get a little ahead of himself, putting the cart before the horse (or the egg before the chicken...or is it the chicken before the egg?) and had us on a full fledged farm with sheep and more chickens and whatnot. we had to reel him back in a little but he did manage to get online and discover that we are in deed zoned for agriculture still as we are living on what was formally the vast farmlands of North Attleboro back in the day, so no need for permits and all that paperwork stuff. As soon as he orders the kit i will start the process of ordering my chicks. I think after long debate and looking i am going to have to head down to Attleboro's Barn and see what they have to offer. I can order them online and its all good except you have to order a lot of chicks...and really i think we can just handle 4 or 5 to start with. i don't want to get way in over our heads. My cousin of course reminded me of the "chicken tractor" we saw at the Common Grounds Fair back a few years ago and so beloved is all excited about that. Essentially it's a mini coop that you move around the yard, there is no bottom to it so the chickens are free to eat the grubs living in the grass and ticks...and of course fertalize as they go. how cool is that? it's no more than some PVC pipes and chicken wire, very lightweight. of course we will only let them in it when we are outside just in case the thing blows over or a red tailed hawk thinks we have left him a happy meal!
Speaking of, and please brace yourself for this, the kids have named the chickens (that we don't have yet mind you) and they are as follows: Emily is calling hers Nuggets, Brendan is calling his Noodle, Cody is calling his Parmagina and I decided on Patty. Now put the word chicken before those and just revel in the warped minds of me and my children. it's awful i know...but ever so fitting.
Keep checking back for more chicky updates! pictured above is the Plymouth Rock chicken..the breed we hope to get!

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