Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Diva Chick Day tomorrow!

This is it! The Day has come at last when i shall sit
down and order my flock! I even found a magazine
called Chicken at the local Borders tonight! I shall
puruse it this evening while stuffing my face with the
last of the Muddy Buddies and a big glass of water, to balance out the fact i have eaten like crap all day today. Gavin is doing MUCH better, we seem to be on the right track, however the beloved is scared to put him to bed alone so i think i shall have a sleep over with Gavin in his room so that everyone feels better :) right now the boys are all upstairs watching Ironman on the Blue Ray player some nice person (me me that would me moi!!) got the beloved for his birthday the other day. he was most pleased. I have to admit, i don't see a difference in picture quality but the men of the house assure me there is and it's "blowing them away"

this weekend Baby Diva and I will be heading to Concord, NH for a dance competition, we are staying over at the luxurious Best Western with some of the other families. Tres Chic non? So no blogging until i get back, i have to knit BD a pair of dance leg warmers and i'm under strict orders to get it done!!

Cheep Cheep cheep cheep!

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