Monday, February 15, 2010

Who are These Children and Why do they Keep Calling me MOM???

Captain's Log: Day One. This morning 4 grumpy and seemingly starving children entered my kitchen, they spoke only in grunts and seemed to want to communicate with me...but the language barrier was to great. The male species smelled a little funky and the female looked as if she could kill anyone that entered her "personal space". the littlest one (I shall call him Tribble Boy) was by far the friendliest and i rewarded him with some Cheerios.

So here it is day one of school vacation and already i am dreading the entire week. I am hoping and praying the weather holds out so i can at least throw them outside to air out if the fighting gets too bad. Baby Diva is going to have her friend over so the girls will be fine but the boys have begun getting snippy with each other. Sadly, 12 yr old boys just don't have "playdates" anymore...not sure what exactly they do do. My guess is wait for the younger brothers to have friends over then run rough shot over the littler boys and boss them around....which then leads to screaming, spitting, clawing and mom intervention. There is not enough coffee in the house for me to deal with that today so looks like I'll be making a Dunkin' run later. Pictured is the yummy yarn i got downtown the other day. It started out as a cowl all cabled and lovely but i soon realized that project was a little ambitious for my limited now it's becoming a pair of cabled gloves that i must say are coming out pretty good. of course i won't be able to work on them until the youngest (tribble boy) is asleep...he is reving up his engines for the day and i'll need to wear my running shoes to keep up with him!!!


  1. Love the yarn diva! What color and brand?? It looks like a Debbie Bliss?? Cashmere?

  2. Ella Rae...Latte...color: doesn't list a color just a number 06 dye lot's like buttah!

  3. oh looks DIVINE...I shall check it out..I was 95% through knitting the design for a felted easter basket and ran out of yarn...I found more online (half price naturally) so hopefully I can finish later this week....