Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Cat is in a Food Coma

This is Hyacinth, she is a rather lazy Maine Coon Cat....she just didn't have the energy to make it all the way to her food bowl this morning, she actually just plunked down and kind of waited for one of us to shuffle it over to her. If she were a loving pleasant cat it would be easier to deal with..however, she isn't. Living truely up to her name (Hyacinth Bucket (pronouned Bouquet) she is a brat, very snobby, kind of stares at you with complete disdain and if i could serve her food in her hand painted china with the perriwinkle flowers she might allow me to pet her.


  1. LMAO...i'm sorry...that is just truly pathetic...I would submit that photo to a contest..seriously...
    (love the bowl by the way..where can I get myself one??)

  2. it was so sad, she was just lying there staring at her food bowl...willing it with her mind to come to her...oh it was a paint your own bowl kit, i think i got it at Joann fabrics, Emily created it.