Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jeez Louise you would think getting some chicks would be easy!!! Ok so the continuing saga of owning chickens goes as follows. Took me and my Hoobie (Gavin) down to the local feed store to order our origianlly planned chicks...much excitment! Well, apparently there is a minimum due to the fact they do NOT want people to just buy chicks as a Easter toy for their kids (seriously??? well i guess it's possible) and i'm sorry my coop will just not hold 12 chicks..yeah, no. And to make matters worse i'm finding it near impossible to get the original chickens we wanted...but we did come across this beauty who is also part of that same family/breed of chickens...it's the Partridge Rock Chicken (beautiful plummage) and easier to find..so we are going with that one! I'll be ordering at the end of the week as i did find a place in CT that will let you order smaller amounts and they are close by so the little dears won't have long to travel. i guess if i could have found some fellow chicken raisers who were looking to replenish their flock we could have split a larger minimum but those i know who do are all set with their chickens so i'm on my own!

The Beloved mentioned pigs last night...i nearly fell off my chair. I'll be looking for the pod that hatched this person that looks like my husband today....not quite sure what has gotten into him at all.


  1. Pigs? Has he lost his mind? Tell him it's not "kosher"
    Have you looked online for ordering chicks? Some places don't have minimums..and it's hoot when the post office delivers them...

  2. i did find one wwww.mypetchicken.com will send me a small amount of chicks. I know, pigs...ugh. i think he must have wacked his head on something yesterday. he is excited about the chickens..which is odd for him but hey i'm running with it.