Monday, February 1, 2010

Living la Vida Loco minus the gluten

Just to clarify...i'm not a trend setter/follower...i'm not jumping on the old "i'll cure the world with what i eat" I just got sick of feeling sick ALL THE TIME! so it took years for me to finally take care of myself...hell, with 4 kids i'm lucky i have time to brush my teeth. but yes, low and behold i cannot process wheat in my picky little intestines. Thinking back this has probably been building up over the years but who thinks of it? I was told it was my thyroid, yet even though my numbers kept coming back within "normal range" i still had issues, oh then it was IBS...ewww, so bump up the fiber (and of course wheat...whole grains...not really helping) maybe i'm lactose intolerant (goodbye ice cream waaaaaahhh).

It's been 15 weeks since i kicked gluten/wheat to the curb...i've never felt better. sure it takes a lot of label reading and some recipe tweaking but nobody in my house has complained much about the slight difference in taste in some foods (although they are not thrilled with the consistancy of the rice pasta...but it costs so much i have nooooo problem with making them the regular kind and just the "special" pasta for me...makes me feel like a diva anyway).

There seems to be a new theory that if you eat gluten free you are going to loose all kinds of weight. I did loose some, i go back and forth from 12-15 lbs gone but in all seriousness this is not a lo cal diet...matter of fact sometimes it can be a higher cal diet depending on how much playing with a recipe you do. I did it because i needed to feel better...and oh yeah, I can eat ice cream again, my digestive system is my BFF, my skin is clear, no more dark circles under my eyes, no headaches, i sleep better, more energy....seems like a no brainer.

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