Tuesday, February 2, 2010

where would i be without......

.........Isn't that such an open question? one that everyone should ask themselves and fill in the blank accordingly. I often wonder if something in my life was suddenly not there, what would become of me. Of course i'm not talking the "what if there were less of my thighs" because i would certainly celebrate that let me tell you, but bigger things. Where would i be without my friends? family? coffee? I have been taking inventory lately of all the things that make my life super duper, yes coffee is high on the list...but also the support system i have...those who make me laugh, those who help my son, those who tell me i'm right or wrong. I love those who are in your face honest and don't let me wallow in my own self pity and i love those who comfort me when i can't shake the blues, i love those who teach me something new and those who let me teach them. I love those who do not judge my choices in life, they let them play out knowing that somehow it will all be ok. I am looking for the simpler things in life, they don't get bought at Target or the Super Wal-mart (although that place has freakin' everything....i could get lost in there for days) I long for warm weather and being outdoors....i miss my painted toes which are all covered up by wooly socks all the time it seems. I cannot wait for the first of my bulbs to start poking their heads up out of the ground.

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