Thursday, February 18, 2010

Putting my scouts to work! yah mule yah! :)

today i took 4 boys (and one of one of my boys) to the World War One Memorial Park here in town, this park is truley a gem, the grounds are beautiful, it has a fantastic playground, gorgeous gardens and the zoo is one of a kind! You could spend the entire day there having a picnic, playing on the playground and exploring the zoo...bring some apples and carrots cut up and feed the animal friends while you are there, trust me they will appreciate it!

Well, our adventure at the park was at the zoo only today (since it's February and a bit chilly to be playing on the swings!) my scouts all arrived sharply at 8:30 am to get the zoo up and ready for the day to begin. We started out with feeding and cleaning out the animal pens...pygmy goats, too many to name, Vito the Donkey..who was much spoiled by my boys with some pampering and major brushing, Gunther the very pot bellied pig...who despite his rather grumpy appearance is rather sweet in a tusky sort of way, llamas who were very happy to see us and of course the various sheep, chickens and Ruby the pony. the boys got right into it and i never heard a complaint or fuss from any of them...matter of fact they were fighting over who got to clean up what poop! Our zookeepers were wonderful with the boys and really let them do most of the work...which was awesome! We learned a lot about the animals and how to take care of them...and had fun all at the same time...they boys asked if we could go back again, i'm thinking that is a big old YES!!! Thanks to all our new friends at the zoo and to Andy Z for arranging our visit...i guess this means we are even for all the years i helped you in English class??? HA!!! Cody is still trying to figure out in his head that his Mom actually was young enough to be in school...minus the dinosaurs :)


  1. The Greek runs the zoo??? LOL
    Glad you guys had fun..just remember...plenty of poop at Baahurrah Farm if you ever need another badge or sumpin....

  2. No Andy works for the parks department! goober!! and i didn't even have to bribe him with baklava this time!