Monday, March 1, 2010

The Victorious Dancers Have Return...Victoriously

The stunning view from our hotel room....note the porta potties...very classy indeed.
Baby Diva after the first dance! 2 out of 3 stars and first place in their division!! Now we feast!

So we braved the snow squalls and white out conditions and traveled up north for the Starpower dance competition in Concord, NH, leaving the boys back home to fend for themselves (pizza for dinner and unlimited part scratching...occasional burping and farting) Now Concord is a lovely little town, very cute and lots of nice shops...and if there was any power we would have had a great time. Oh yes, due to a freak wind storm most of that part of New Hampshire was in a blackout situation. The hotels were jammed with people who couldn't get into the emergency shelters, it was kind of sad. We met up with a man and his kids in the elevator and he asked us how long we had been without power, i told him we were up for a dance competition..."oh a vacation, how nice for you" and how i wished a big black hole would open up and swallow me and baby diva right up...yes guilt is a horrible thing.
All in all, the dancing was good. imagine it as a 5 hour concerts listening to music you really don't care for then the 3 minutes of the song you love (baby diva) and then another 5 hours of hellish screetching (while waiting for awards) yup, that was my weekend. And of course i can't wait for the next one. it's all about costumes, make up and getting her hair into a damn bun!! I can so see how the "pagent mommies" become consumed by it all.
came home to unwashed, non-teeth brushed boys who by the looks of it never changed their clothing from what i left them in. but the house was still standing and everyone had been fed so i just directed them to the showers with instruction to wash WITH SOAP and put on clean undies.

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