Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I can see clearly now the rain has gone....FINALLY!

Wow!!! 4 days of non stop rain, 7 inches fallen in total..and my basement has become an indoor swimming pool..not by my choice. So today is all about pumping the water out and splashing around in my boots. I can just see the clouds starting to break up and maybe the sun will make an appearance today. I know it rains in the Spring but this was Mother Nature going above and beyond!

No work today, i have a million kabillion things to get done, swap packages to send out (i am involved in several knitting swaps http://www.ravelry.com/) laundry to do, market to get to, and i must do something about the mutant dust bunnies that are threatening to take over the house! I would love to drag the big old rubbermaid containers out of the attic as well and see what spring/summer clothes are being handed down to what boy but my limited time may not allow me to get that crazy. I'll pace myself and occasionally refuel with coffee.

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