Monday, March 8, 2010

Ahhhhh! What a glorious weekend! March is so unpredictable here in New could snow one day and then you get 2 days of 60 degree weather! the kids and i took total advantage of this warm streak and headed outside to bask in the sun...and clean up the yard a bit, which they weren't too happy about but humored their mother and picked up the fallen branches. we even got to eat lunch outside on the back deck much to the THRILL of Gavin who thinks eating outside is the only way (dining al fresco?).
So i am hoping this weather lasts just a little while longer and that nasty white stuff (you know, it begins with "s" and rhymes with mow) stays faaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr away. i'm ready for some green grass and blue skies. Cody and i will be starting our veggie seeds soon. found a perfect sunny spot to put them in out of the way of cats and little brothers...hoping that this year will be a better growing season, last year was just too soggy and wet.


  1. We rarely ever get the white stuff here in NC but this year....ackkkkkkkkkk. We have had it twice now so I know what you mean! I hope you have another day of pretty weather tomorrow!

  2. things are looking good for tomorrow..not as warm but still sunny! i'm hoping to get outside and just run wild in the backyard...and suck down an ice coffee while doing so..gotta keep cafinated :)

  3. Diva...went to Target today and was inspired by the sidewalk chalk, bubbles and hula hoops..and then I remembered we still are in freezing temps..I'll give it another couple weeks.