Friday, March 5, 2010

Excuse me...Mother Nature... I think i ordered Spring, this looks like winter

Oh come on already!!! where is the sun? why does it tease me so?? earlier this week we had a day in the 50's and the last few have been snowy and cold...really mother nature? really? did we irritate you or something with our shouts of joy and the running around outside?

this weekend is the Pick Up the Sticks Extravaganza at our house (Insert moans and complaints from the as most of our front lawn is covered in fallen branches and sticks. all they have to do is make a nice pile and we will use them in the outside fire place...which is one of our favorite things to do in the summer, sit by the fire, roast some marshmellows and makes Smohes....ahhh summer, seems like such a distant memory :) now the weather for Sunday is calling for warmth and 50's again, i was hoping to fire up the grill and get some burgers and roasted veggies going BUT when i took a peek in the grill i noticed it had become a winter chalet for a small, fuzzy creature...i think we scared the crap out of each other, i tried to get a picture but it darted winter isn't over yet, do i evict my latest tennent to the cold or do i just make the burgers inside and let him/her/it ride out the rest of the season? Sigh.

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